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In addition to its large collection of electric railway vehicles from the Los Angeles area, the Museum has trolleys from several other California cities including San Diego, Fresno, Bakersfield, San Francisco and Sacramento.

Like Los Angeles, the San Francisco Bay Area was blanketed with interurban and local streetcar lines as well as a third type of electric railway service, the suburban (commuter) electric railway.  A functional cross between the local streetcar and the interurban, nowhere in the state was this better exemplified than with the suburban trolleys which met the ferries that shuttled commuters across San Francisco Bay.

The largest of these suburban operations were operated as subsidiaries of the Southern Pacific Railway. With the coming of the San Francisco – Oakland Bay Bridge in 1939, East Bay suburban trolleys began operating directly over the new bridge instead of meeting the ferries. The new bridge also made it much easier to drive into San Francisco, and so by 1941, many of the suburban rail lines were abandoned as the public switched to driving. The advent of World War II brought large numbers of these now-surplus trolleys south to Los Angeles, where they were desperately needed to meet the sudden increase in passenger traffic on the Pacific Electric. The Museum’s PE collection includes four cars originally built for the SP’s Bay Area electric operations.

Streetcars and interurbans from Denver, Portland (another Southern Pacific electric interurban system) and Salt Lake City round out the collection of cars from the Western US. A double-deck Irish Tram adds an international flair to the collection. Representing a typical European tram of the early 1900s, it provides a decided contrast to the typical US trolley of the same period.

Roster of Other Electric Railways Equipment
Preserved at OERM

From Northern California
No. Type Builder Built - Retired Construction Notes
167 Articulated Bethlehem 1937 steel "Bridge Unit"
171 DE DT City Car Bethlehem 1923 - 1959 steel Type K "Iron...
51 DE DT City Car Brill 1913 steel "Dragon", body...
653 Locomotive GE 1928 steel
From Other Parts of the US and the World
No. Type Builder Built - Retired Construction Notes
1 Steeplecab loco GE 1921 steel Kansas
19 DE ST City Car Japan 1910 wood Japan, 3' 6"...
2 Double Deck tram Brush 1901 wood Dublin, Ireland
From Other Western States
No. Type Builder Built - Retired Construction Notes
1 Mine Switch loco B-W 1912 steel Arizona
127 SE DT Interurban Brill 1932 aluminum "Bullet", Utah
485 Interurban Trailer Pullman 1920 steel Portland "Red...
79 SE DT City Car Woeber 1906 wood Denver, 3' 6"...
From Southern California
No. Type Builder Built - Retired Construction Notes
1003 DE DT City Car American 1914 steel body, on trucks
297 Locomotive B-W 1923 steel
4 DE ST City Car Holman 1900 wood
508 PCC St Louis 1936 steel
528 PCC St Louis 1936 steel
SBCRy-12 DE ST City Car Brill 1901 wood body only, 3' 6...
SDERy 167 DE DT City Car McG-Cumm 1914 wood body, on trucks
Horse Cars and Cable Cars
No. Type Builder Built - Retired Construction Notes
43 DE DT cable car CSCRR c1907 wood acquired from Knott...
77 DE ST horsecar SSRy c1887 wood acquired from Knott...
unknown DE ST horsecar Stephenson c1880 wood body only, on truck
Trolley Coaches
No. Type Builder Built - Retired Construction Notes
530 TC-40 M-H 1948 steel San Francisco
536 TC-40 M-H 1948 steel San Francisco
614 44TTW TC 1949 steel San Francisco
633 40-GWFT coach F-TC 1940 steel Seattle
656 44-CX PStd 1944 steel Seattle
8002 TC-44 ACF-Brill 1946 steel Los Angeles

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