General Electric "Steeplecab" Locomotive
John Smatlak photo
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Steeplecab loco
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Hutchinson & Northern No. 1 is an electric locomotive designed for pulling short freight trains. It was built in 1921 by General Electric as a “demonstrator” locomotive. To encourage purchase of GE locomotives, it was shipped to prospective customers so they could take a “test drive”. Its use a demonstrator probably explains the extra-large GE logo on the side of the cab.

In 1923, No. 1 was sold to the Hutchinson & Northern Railway, and operated there for 47 years. The H&N was a two-mile railway near Wichita, Kansas, built to connect a local salt mine with the Missouri Pacific interchange inHutchinson. The H&N finally replaced their electric locomotives with Diesels in 1970, and donated number 1 to the Museum.

Number 1 is known as a “steeple cab” locomotive, so named because of the sloping ends and the cab that sticks up in the middle. It is considered to be a light-duty locomotive; in good weather it was capable of pulling only about ten of the relatively small freight cars of the time.                               

No. 1 was repainted into a Bicentennial livery in honor of the Nation's 200th birthday, but has since been returned to the orange livery it wore when it arrived in Perris.

Additional Images

Bicentennial livery 1976
Bicentennial livery 1976
In action 2004
In action 2004
On the H&N in 1965, Jerry Appelman photo
On the H&N in 1965, Jerry Appelman photo
At Perris 1974, frame of Carhouse Two in background. Joe Testagrose Collection.
At Perris 1974, frame of Carhouse Two in background. Joe Testagrose Collection.


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