Business Car "Sacramento"
Car Specs
Car Number: 
Business Car
Built / Retired: 
1900 - 1958

Business Cars were the corporate jets of the railroad world. They were assigned to high-ranking railroad officials for conducting company business “on the road”. The Business Car was used to entertain prospective shippers and other people doing business with the railroad. They also served as a mobile office and living quarters, complete with bedrooms and a kitchen, at a time when motels were not commonplace.

This car was built for the Southern Pacific (SP) in 1900 as Dining Car 10043.  It was rebuilt into Business Car No. 122, Saco , in 1907.  As rebuilt, it's elegant mahogany interior contained observation and dining rooms, two bedrooms and a kitchen, all furnished in a colonial revival motif.

The 122 was reassigned to the SP’s Sierra Nevada Division for use by the Division Superintendent (manager) in 1911, the Sacramento Division in 1913, and the Coast Division about 1929.  It was renamed with each reassignment to bear the name of the division.

The 122 was transferred to maintenance-of-way service in 1935, and used as a bunk car. It was retired in 1958. Its current reddish color is actually a coat of primer; it will ultimately be repainted into its original dark green paint.



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