Type H Streetcar
Car Specs
Car Number: 
Type H-4
St. Louis
Built / Retired: 
1921 - 1955

Car 1201 was the first of 250 "Type H" streetcars; the Los Angeles Railway's first steel-bodied double-truck cars. The Type H cars were built with the familiar "California style" open/closed/open architecture of the earlier wooden designs, and had Spartan interiors with wooden slat seating. There were equipped for multiple-unit operation, capable of operating in two-car trains.

The Los Angeles Transit Lines donated car 1201 to the City of Inglewood in 1955 for static display in Centinela Park. After suffering from vandalism, it was moved to Travel Town in Griffith Park. It was part of a small group of cars moved to Perris in 1959 by OERM predecessor Orange Empire Trolley Museum.

Car 1201 has been restored to its 1934 appearance, in which year it was modified to permit one-man operation.

LARy 1201 operates regularly on the museum railway.


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John Smatlak photo
John Smatlak photo
John Smatlak photo
John Smatlak photo
John Smatlak photo
John Smatlak photo


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