John Smatlak photo
Car Specs
Car Number: 
Type F-4
Built / Retired: 
1923 - 1953

Until the advent of standardized streetcar designs such as the PCC car, many street railway companies continually rebuilt their older equipment to meet changing needs. Car 1160 is an example of a car which was rebuilt several times, with its current configuration bearing little resemblance to its original appearance.  It was created in 1923 using portions of L.A. Railway car 18, which had been created in 1911 by rebuilding Pacific Electric car 811. The 811 had in turn been rebuilt by the P.E. from car 154 of the Los Angeles Traction Company, which was an American Car Company product of 1899.

After retirement in 1953, car 1160 became a pioneer in the local railway preservation movement; purchased for $200, it was the first car to be acquired by local electric railway enthusiasts. It was displayed at Travel Town in Griffith Park until 1959, when it was moved to Perris.                                                                                      

1160 is operable, but is in need of a set of new wheels on one truck. It also has some motor problems, and so it is operated only occasionally.

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