We wish to thank the following individuals for their generous support of OERM.

Donations January - May 2014

Total Donations for January 2014 = $ 8,795.01

Total Donations for February 2014 = $ 21,000.00

Total Donations for March 2014 = $ 20,327.00

Total Donations for April 2014 = $ 3,894.88

Total Donations for May 2014 = $ 39,658.03


Our sincere thanks to the following individuals and businesses:


  • General Fund -  Anonymous, Boeing Company- Employee's Community Fund, Chevron Humankind - Matching Gift Program, Fund for Effective Government - matching grant, Union Pacific Corp., Village Health Care Center, Romoland Elementary School, Robert Ashlock, Landon Boucher, David Buck, Weldon Clegg, Gary Cochrane, Richard Ehrlich, Froilan Esquivel, Jennifer Green, Robert Hansen, Edwin Hyman, Thomas Jacobson, Mark Kavouksorian, Kenneth Korach, Gerald Krizek, Jeff Larson, Barbara Lewis, David Ley, Dean Lissner, Biancaa Loya, Jaime Lugo, Erik Magnuson, James Mandel, Rosa Mares, Alejandro Martinez, Ken Marty, Philip Matheny, Leslie Mayer, Hunter McConnell Jr., Sean McIntyre, Elizabeth Medina, Glenn Mitchell, Peter Poon, Nicholas Primavera, Natalie Rodriguez, Harry Roesener, Paul Sanford, George Schiller, Richard Schneider, Charles Seims, Anthony Skirlick, Jr., Steve Van Denburgh, Laws Watkins, Lora Wright, Kathy Young

  • Land acquisition (Fund A1) - Ken Creasey, Fred Nicas

  • SP1006 Refurbishment (A17) - Les Phillips, Joe Strapac

  • Archive / Harvey House Building (Fund B11) - E F Bulmahn, Tom Geer, Barry Herlihy, Jerome Joseph, Joe Strapac, Jeff Sward, James Walsh

  • Grizzly Flats RR (Fund B18) - Verne Anderson, John LePrince, Jeff Sumners

  • Memorial Brick (Fund B20) - Ken Davis, Tom Geer, John Huie, Robert Tartter

  • Perris Connection (Fund B22) โ€“ Coast Rail Services, Transportation Resource Associates, Inc, David Abbott, John Acosta, William Arthur Jr, James Baker, Marilyn Balduff, Frederick Brandt, John Brinkmann. John Burgess, Larry Burks, David Busse, Robert Callwell, Paul Cayot, Gary Cochrane, Jack Conway, Bob Davis, Clifford Dawley, Geoffrey Delizo, David Dibble, Cortland Doan, Frank Dupuy, George Ellison, Gene Escamilla, Daniel Faigin, Thomas Farmer, Mike Flaherty, James Fulton, Tim Gehrke, Robert Gordon, Thomas Gorman, David Hailey, James Harris, Randy Harris, Zeke Hastings, Max Hill, Steve Hoelke, Elvy Hopkins, Robert Horner, Donald Jewell, John Koch Jr, Daniel LaMantain-Leatherman, Bill Lamb, Jason Lamb, Walter Lester, David Ley, Alfred Lingo, Charles Long, Paul Loughin, Kathryn Madara, Steven Mains, James Mason, Allen Matter, Michael Maw, Hunter McConnell Jr, Michael McGinley, John McHenry, Don Miller, Mae Minnich, Mary Anne Nelson, Ralph Nenn, Fred Nicas, Roberta Olcott, Michael Palmer, Dean Park, Robert Peppermuller, Les Phillips, Dick Piguet, Park Ritter, Dan Robbins, Richard Schneider, Jon Sirrine, Joel Slade, Lewis Snow, Gene Somers, Kenneth Sterling, Dennis Stevens, Vic Sumner, Clayton Tinkham, John Vallance, Charles Vercelli, Alan Weeks, Dudley Westler, Edward Willen, Peter Zimmerman

  • Keeler Water Tank (Fund B39) - John LePrince

  • Harvey Girls Museum (Fund B41) - Mona Lowe

  • LATL 2601 (Fund C2) - Edwin Hyman, Les Phillips, Robert Szager

  • Restoring BRR 127 (Fund C13) - Charles Long

  • Restoring SDERy 508 (Fund C33) - Art Curtis

  • PE Blimps (Fund C36) - Anonymous, Arthur Bauder, Richard Ehrlich, Thomas Goodwin, Richard Hostin, David Ley, Ray Olesen

  • Hollywood Cars (Fund C37) - James Baker, Robert Korach

  • Restoring ATSF 98/108 (Fund C41) - Roger Kulesza, Don Smith, Jeff Williams

  • UP 2564 Restoration (Fund C42) - Anonymous

  • VC2 Repairs (Fund C51) โ€“ Anonymous, Dave Curci, Bill Lamb, Jon Sirrine

  • Library Collection (Fund C53) - Dick Staley

  • SP2954 / SP2958 (Fund C54) - Philip Giles

  • Unrestricted Endowment (Fund E1) โ€“ Zeke Hastings, Carl Pickus

  • Red Cars Endowment (Fund E4) - Daniel Faigin, Lee Kagy


Museum News

March 31, 2015 - 05:51
You're invited to a family celebration of Southern California's railway heritage on Saturday, April 18 and Sunday, April 19 at the Orange Empire Railway Museum in Perris. The annual Spring Rail...
March 7, 2015 - 21:44
Hop on board! The Easter Bunny makes a stop at Orange Empire Railway Museum the weekend of March 28 and 29 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. in Perris. Kids of all ages will experience the magic of trains and...

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OERM 2014 CalendarThe Orange Empire 2015 Calendar  is now available. Photographs of the Los Angeles Railway and the Pacific Electric Railway in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas enhance each month.. The price is $12.95 each plus sales tax and shipping. To order your calendar call 951-943-3020 or e-mail for more information.