Book Trailer Filmed at OERM

Book Trailer Filmed at OERM

Tom Zoellner, author of the best-selling book “Train”, wrote the story of the most indispensable mode of transportation the world has ever known: the railroad.

The trailer for his book was filmed at Orange Empire Railway Museum because, he says, “It has the greatest collection in the West, rolling stock and static displays. My producer said of all the other locations he scouted, there was no other place.”

The book trailer, produced by filmmaker Cyrus Kowsari at OERM. can be viewed at Zoellner's website

To answer the question why are we so fascinated by trains, Zoellner asked one of the hard-core train fanatics. The answer he got was ‘It’s heavy equipment moving fast.  What more do you need to know?”

Tom Zoellner rode the trains on four continents to find his own answers. The Los Angeles Times described the book as a train lover’s celebration of the great epic story of rail travel itself.”  Zoellner examines not just the mechanics of these grandiose machines, but their gigantic effect on the societies through which they run.

Zoellner is the author of four other books and teaches English at Chapman University.


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