OERM Donation Wish List

OERM Donation Wish List

Like most non-profits, OERM's programs are regularly assisted by the donation of useful equipment and services that we need to keep the Museum running. To help make it easier for our supporters to assist us, we're introducing this formal "wish list" to the website. Here you will find items that the Museum is looking for, and perhaps you can help fill one of those needs. OERM is a 501(c)3 non-profit educational corporation, so your gift is also tax deductible (consult your tax professional for specifics).

As is always the case with material donations, you must contact the appropriate Museum officer PRIOR to bringing a donation out to the Museum. Not that we don't appreciate your thinking of us, but disposal costs are an ever growing expense and so we need to tightly manage what we take in. Thanks for your consideration.

If you'd like to make a donation, please contact us via email to be directed to the appropriate Museum officer. As always, in case of difficulty in contacting any of the Museum officers, call our business office during regular business hours at (951) 943-3020. Thank you for your support! 


Material Donations
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Palletainers (wire baskets):

We could really use ten wire basket (stackable) palletainers or something similar. We are looking for containers in the 1,000-4,000 lb. capacity range. These will help us organize parts and better utilize space inside storage containers and elsewhere.

Palletainers (wire baskets)
Storage Containers:

we could use another 2 to 4 20-foot and/or 40-foot containers. They must be in reasonable condition. Containers with roll-up doors would be particularly useful.

Storage Containers
Self-Dumping Hopper:

We need a new self-dumping hopper for trash collection duty. We need the kind you attach to a forklift, and one person can "pull the pin" from the ground and the hopper unloads into the big roll-off dumpsters we have out back. Something like the Stor-Quip Premium Series, 2,000 lb. capacity:

Self-Dumping Hopper Stor Quip
Golf Cart:

We currently have a couple of electric golf carts and utility vehicles which are proving very useful. At this time we're looking for a larger (at least 4- person, preferably 6-person) electric golf cart in good running condition that could be used during special events and by our weekday host program in giving guided tours. 

We are also looking for someone who would like to assist with maintenance and repair of our fleet of electric carts.

Golf Cart
Professional Services
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The OERM site is constantly being improved. We could use someone to come out and survey and then provide us with the updates in AutoCAD. We have our entire site in AutoCAD, but portions of it need to be updated, perhaps you can help?

Transportation Services:

As seen in the above list, OERM regularly advertises (and receives) valuable material donations from around the country. Small items are easy to ship, but we also need trucking services for larger items, and we have an ongoing need for trucking of railcars and materials within the OERM site. Perhaps you or your company can help?  

Transportation Services
Picture Framing Services:

As part of our exhibit development programs, we can always use professional framing services to put photographs and artwork into our presentations. Perhaps you or your company can help?

Picture Framing Services

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OERM 2014 CalendarThe Orange Empire 2015 Calendar  is now available. Photographs of the Los Angeles Railway and the Pacific Electric Railway in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas enhance each month.. The price is $12.95 each plus sales tax and shipping. To order your calendar call 951-943-3020 or e-mail info@oerm.org for more information.