Run One Program

The Run One Program is your chance to become a train engineer.  This program allows you to get behind the throttle of some of our favorite locomotives. When you arrive at the museum for your experience you will be given instruction by a qualified engineer.  You get a change to look over the locomotive and learn how it works.  Then you will climb into the drivers seat to learn how to take the locomotive out on our mainline for a full hour. Each rental includes one engineer’s cap and certificate of accomplishment plus a huge sense of control!  This is an amazing experience for anyone and makes a wonderful gift.  

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 Diesel switchers


$250.00 per hour



Southern Pacific

U-25-B 3100


$300.00 per hour



Santa Fe

FP-45 ATSF 98


$350.00 per hour




Pacific Electric

Hollywood Car PE 717


$200.00 per hour 



The Ultimate

Run One

Steam Experience


 The Steam Experience is the ultimate day for anyone who has ever wanted to operate a real steam locomotive. 



Participants arrive at 7:30 am and spend the morning with the crew learning about both the engine and helping get it ready for operation. Then it’s off to the Mainline for a full hour behind the throttle! Your Steam Experience will be an unforgettable memory, or it also makes a great gift. Reservations made through the Museum office, call (951) 943-3020.

Cost $750

Rentals are available on weekends, Mondays,  Wednesdays and Fridays. This activity is very popular and sometimes books up well in advance of available days. Please call the Museum at (951) 943-3020 for availability. 

Reservations required (via credit card) at least two (2) weeks in advance with deposit. No refunds for no shows unless severe weather conditions (Heavy rain, floods, high winds, snow). Normally locomotives will run rain or shine. 

Up to four (4) persons may share a rental hour. Engineer minimum age is 18, however, 5 years and older may ride along with an adult.

To book your experience contact the museum today!  

951.943.3020 or email 





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