San Diego Electric Railway 508 Restoration Progress

San Diego Electric Railway PCC 508

SD508 Painting Progress

This streamlined PCC-type streetcar has the distinction of being the first streetcar to arrive at the Museum's (then new) Perris site, way back in 1958.  508 ran in regular service at the Museum for many years, but the ravages of decades of outdoor storage finally took their toll and required its removal from active service (thankfully the car now has an indoor home). With the help of some significant financial support from the Peters and Myers families, we are now moving forward with a complete restorati
on project.  These two families have generously put up a $10,000 challenge grant in order to raise the car's fund up to the $35,000 level needed for project completion. They're matching your gift dollar for dollar up to $10,000! 

The 508 project is moving along nicely as shown. Our contractor completed all of the needed metal work and applied seven of the nine colors of paint. Still to paint are the trucks and interior ceiling. Work is underway to work through all of the electrical wiring and to replace the truck springs. The windows have all been replaced with safety glass and freshly plated window latches. Once the ceiling lights are tested new ceiling panels will be installed and the ceiling painted. This will then allow the floor to be refinished, and the seat frames and seat cushions once they are re-upholstered to be installed. We still need to have the bumpers and front window shade installed, as well as the lettering painted. The door rubber molding and the concrete door step pads will be the last items to install. Once ready for operations, it will give the museum four operating PCC cars.

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