Become a Volunteer at Orange Empire Railway Museum

We have preserved a great many rare and impressive pieces of rail history, but our most valuable asset is our volunteers.

We're a non-profit museum of all volunteers. We have 200 active volunteers, but it is not enough to do the important work of keeping Southern California's rail heritage alive.

We especially need a younger generation of train enthusiasts who can work one on one with our many skilled volunteers.

Why don't you pitch in and become a part of the history we continue to make? All you need is long pants and some sturdy shoes and a budding interest in trains or a skilled expertise.

At Orange Empire Railway Museum, we work with metal, wood, mechanics and electronics to preserve and restore our historic rolling stock. We paint, landscape, sell food and souvenirs, punch tickets, give tours, plan events, handle crowds and do the many things our living museum needs.

Volunteers at OERMYou can be part of a train crew and give rides to the public on weekends. You can learn to be a motorcar conductor, motorcar operator, brakeman, train conductor, engineer and more. Volunteer as a mechanic, restorer, docent, track maintainer, grounds keeper, overhead wire maintainer, machine operator or other.

We have training programs for many of our areas. We train volunteers who operate our railroad equipment under Railroad Safety Technical Training Standards of the Federal Railroad Administration. Volunteers must be museum members to participate.

If you're new to the Orange Empire Railway Museum or just looking for something to do, you've found the right place. We will help you and your family finds a spot that's rewarding. Come visit us in Perris to begin working in your field of choice. Or call our volunteer coordinator, Rob Zanin at 951-662-3023 or email him at 1rjzanin@gmail.com

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