Archives Wish List

Like our rail car collection, the contents of our archives also reflect our focused interest in the railroads of Southern California . The Museum’s Collection Policy defines five focus companies, the major railroads and transit companies that served Southern California: the Pacific Electric, Los Angeles Railway, Santa Fe , Southern Pacific and Union Pacific railroads, as well as predecessor and related companies.

The Museum actively seeks photographs, records, drawings, books, timetables, advertisements and ephemeral materials from our focus companies. Of particular interest are items pertaining to operations in Southern California. Contact the Curations Division Manager for additional details.

We also have an ongoing interest in primary materials, such as the following periodicals, from the railroad industry. We also have duplicates available for trade.

Periodicals Wish List

Company Publications
Pacific Electric Magazine
Southern Pacific Bulletin
LA Railway “Two Bells” Magazine
Union Pacific Magazine
Santa Fe Magazine
Transit Topics (San Diego Electric Railway)
“Az-U-Ride” and “PERyScope” pamphlets

Transit Industry
Street Railway Journal 1884-1908
Electric Traction Weekly 1906-1912
Electric Railway Journal 1908-31
AERA Journal 1912-32
Transit Journal 1932-42
Brill Magazine
Mass Transportation 1935-59

Mainline Railways
Railway Master Mechanic
Railway Locomotives & Cars
Railway Electrical Engineer
Railway Gazette, Railway Age Gazette
Railway Mechanical Engineer
Railway Age
Railway Age Magazine (pre 1950)
Railway Track & Structures

Materials we do not collect:
Bus, Airline and Steamship materials* (excepting subsidiary operations of PE and LARy) 
Model railroad equipment* (excepting certain scale models relevant to our collecting focus)
Post-1972 timetables
Non-railroad antiques
Post-1950 newspaper clippings
Non-Railroad books & magazines

Due to space constraints, we do not need loose railfan and model railroad magazines. We do maintain a complete set, but in general do not seek additional copies.