Board, Officers, and Managers

Board of Directors

Elected Directors (Term expires year shown)
Byron Brainard (2018)
Zeke Hastings (2018)
Bill Lamb (2018)
Rod Fishburn (2020)
John Mobley (2020)
Fred Nicas (2020)
Rob Zanin (2019)
Phil Palmieri (2019)
Paul Peters (2019)


Community Directors

Barry Busch

Officers and Managers

President & Chief Executive Officer: Barry Busch
Vice President/COO/General Manager: Hank Winn
Chief Financial Officer: Joanie Cole
Corporate Secretary: Heather Garcia
Division Manager, Curations: Rod Fishburn
Division Manager, Operations: Ken Schwartz
Assistant Division Manager, Operations: Gary Starre
Division Manager, Maintenance: Paul Harr
Assistant Division Manager, Maintenance: Jeff Williams
Division Manager, Plant & Facilities: Hank Winn
Division Manager, Visitor Experience: Donna Zanin