Capital Campaigns

The Perris Connection

The Museum has long sought to create a meaningful context for visitors riding the trains on our Museum railway. The beautifully restored Perris Depot and the Perris Valley Museum it houses can provide a wonderful destination for our railway experience. Unfortunately, without our own tracks, our trolleys are precluded from reaching the Depot, and with Metrolink commuter rail service expanding, track sharing is no longer an option for our trains. The Perris Connection will fulfill the dream of providing us with our own access to the Perris Depot and a direct passenger connection to Metrolink and the adjacent Ward Kimball transit center. This will pave the way for our planned daily operations to and from this classic train station. The commuter rail extension project has been completed and is operating. Now it’s time for us to move quickly and fund the completion of our track, signals, and overhead line. Your support will help us get the trains rolling into town once again.

After years of engineering drawings and legal paperwork, the Perris Station track construction has begun. The stem wall for the platform at the Depot site has been constructed, the trench has been graded, and the platform pocket for our track is complete.

Paul Dieges, a California licensed Civil Engineer, stands by the platform pocket he designed.

Brad Black designed the signal circuits for the extension. Tom Jacobson did the administrative and legal work, including negotiations and entitlements. Phil Palmieri planned and arranged for the construction.