Make A Donation

We depend on donations to keep the Museum running. They may be cash donations or non‑cash donations such as material, equipment, or services. The Museum is a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational corporation; your gift is tax deductible.

Cash donations can be unrestricted, for use anywhere needed, or restricted, dedicated to a specific project.

Donations of useful material and equipment can be quite helpful. However, before bringing something out to the Museum, make sure it meets a real need. We have limited protected storage; if we receive something we can’t use, we have to spend time and money to dispose of it. Call the Museum at 951‑943‑3020 or e‑mail; you’ll be directed to the Museum manager who will consider your potential donation.

Wish List

Sigma Palletainer
Stor Quip Systems

Palletainers (wire baskets)
We could use ten wire basket (stackable) palletainers or something similar in the 1,000-4,000 lb. capacity range. They will help us organize parts and better utilize space inside storage containers and car barns

Storage Containers
We could use more 20-foot or 40-foot containers in reasonable condition. Containers with roll-up doors would be particularly useful.

Stor Quip

Self-Dumping Hopper
We need a new self-dumping hopper for trash collection. These hoppers are lifted by a forklift and tilt forward to dump their load into our large roll-off dumpsters when their locking pin is pulled by a person on the ground. The Stor-Quip Premium Series 2,000 lb. capacity hopper would be a good choice.

Golf Carts
Electric golf carts and utility vehicles are very useful at the Museum. Docents use them for giving guided tours, special event volunteers move supplies through a crowded venue, and maintenance volunteers transport their tools and material throughout the grounds. We already have several vehicles, from four-person carts to larger six-person carts and utility vehicles with flatbeds for hauling cargo—we can use more.

We could use someone to assist with the maintenance and repair of our electric vehicles.

Professional Services

The Museum ground and buildings are constantly being changed and improved. We could use someone to survey our property and update our AutoCAD database.

Transportation Services
The Museum is regularly offered valuable material donations from around the country. Small items are easy to ship, but we need trucking services for larger items Members with trucks or companies in the trucking business could help.. We also have an ongoing need to move railcars and materials within the Museum site.

Picture Framing Services
Our exhibit development programs can always use professional framing services to put photographs and artwork into our presentations.