Railway Operations

If you have ever wanted to be “workin’ on the railroad”, this is the place to be.

The Museum operates an all-volunteer staffed demonstration railway. Any able-bodied member may participate in our regular operations. We run electric city streetcars and the big interurbans that once ran in regular service, real live steam, and authentic diesel trains retired from the railroad and restored by our own members. We are always looking for responsible people to become part of the Railway Operations team.

Becoming an operator is a commitment to the Museum; it is the operators who make our railroad run for our guests every weekend (sometimes during the week). Operators are our main connection to the public and do double duty as our docents and tour guides on the cars and trains. Operators may participate as many or as few days as their schedules permit.

To operate, you must have a paid up full membership in good standing at the Museum. The job can be physically demanding at times, so you should be in good health. However, we have many operators of advanced age and various conditions, so everyone is able to participate at their own comfort level.

To earn a license to operate—streetcar motorman, streetcar conductor, train conductor, brakeman, engineer—we offer classes and provide the reading material for:

  • The Orientation Class—to learn about our Museum and its artifacts
  • The Rules Class—to learn the rules of railroad train operation
  • The Motorman Class—to learn what makes them go and stop, safely

For those who want to advance, there are additional classes:

  • The Train Conductor Class—to learn how to be in charge of the train
  • The Brakeman Class—to learn how to make up trains and guide the Engineer
  • The Engineer Class—to learn to operate the locomotives
  • FRA Engineer Certification

So, if you always wanted to be an engineer, conductor, motorman, or just wanted to say “I’ve been working on the railroad”, WELCOME ABOARD.

Please email the Membership Coordinator at membership@oerm.org or contact the Museum at 951‑943‑3020 to leave a message for the Operating Department instructors.