Santa Fe

logo_ATSFThe Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway, often abbreviated as Santa Fe, was one of the nation’s largest railways. It was one of the three large mainline railroads that served Southern California, along with competitors Union Pacific and Southern Pacific. Originally chartered in 1859, the railroad reached Southern California in 1883 when its subsidiary California Southern Railroad began construction of a line between Barstow and San Diego, challenging Southern Pacific’s monopoly on rail access. The Museum’s main line and the restored Perris depot are located on the right-of-way of this original California Southern Railroad line.

The Santa Fe was perhaps most famous for its long-distance passenger trains. The railroad’s famed Super Chief streamliner between Chicago and Los Angeles was known as “The Train of the Stars”. The Museum preserves the last passenger locomotive purchased by the Santa Fe, FP-45 locomotive 98. Built in 1963, it wore the railroad’s famed Warbonnet paint scheme, perhaps the most famous railroad paint scheme of all time. The Santa Fe railroad was ultimately merged into the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad in 1995.

Other Santa Fe pieces in the collection include some 25 passenger and freight cars from the railroad’s heyday, including an 1875 wooden passenger coach that once operated on the old Cal Southern mainline that passed through Perris, as well as Railway Post Office Car 60, built in 1924.

Freight Cars

Image No. Type Builder Built Construction Notes
  1421 Caboose ACF 1923 Wood  
  1761 Caboose ACF 1929 Steel  
  176695 Gondola PStd 1943 Composite  
  21028 Refrigerator Car ACF 1920 Steel ice bunker
  25480 Stock Car ATSF 1923 Composite Two numbers on car as received by the Museum, underframe lettered 25840
  49131 Box Car Pullman 1912 Wood  
  600175 Box Car   1964 Steel double door
  8875 Refrigerator Car ACF 1911 – 1940 Wood ice bunker
  918 Drover’s Caboose ATSF 1929 Wood  
  999020 Caboose ACF 1930 Steel  
  999076 Caboose ACF 1931 Steel  

Passenger Cars

Image No. Type Builder Built Construction Notes
  1999 Horse-Express PC&M 1930 Steel 24 stalls
  2055 Baggage-RPO PC&M 1930 Steel  
  2419 Baggage-Coach Ohio Falls 1879 Wood body only
  2543 Baggage-Coach ACF 1910 Steel orig motor car M-104
  2602 Baggage-Coach Pullman 1923 Steel  
  3010 Chair Car PC&M 1927 Steel  
  3209 Parlor-Obs Pullman 1910 Composite from MOW service
  60 Postal Car PC&M 1924 – 1967 Steel  


Image No. Type Builder Built Construction Notes
  560 H12-44 F-M 1957   later MPI 100
  98 FP-45 EMD 1967    

Work Cars

Image No. Type Builder Built Construction Notes
  189783 Fuel & Water Car ATSF 1939 Steel  
  190548 Wheel Car ATSF 1947 Wood  
  193673 Foreman’s Car ATSF 1932 Wood  
  749 Flat Car   1955 Steel Mother car for Burro Crane. Cast frame. Ex- 209104