Union Pacific

logo_UP_Harriman_smThe Union Pacific was the last major railroad completed to Los Angeles in 1905. Its beginnings stretched back to 1862 when President Abraham Lincoln signed the Pacific Railroad Act, naming and directing two companies, the Union Pacific and the Central Pacific, to construct a transcontinental railroad. The two lines were joined together at Promontory Summit, Utah, in 1869, creating the first transcontinental railroad in North America. Union Pacific became synonymous with the development of the West, continuing to grow as it acquired additional lines and built new routes throughout the Western US. The system reached from Kansas and Nebraska west into the Pacific Northwest and California.

In the 1930s UP introduced a fleet of yellow streamliners, and the classic yellow paint scheme with red and gray accents became the system’s standard colors. UP “City” streamliners operated between Chicago and the West Coast , including Los Angeles and San Francisco.

The Museum preserves 18 cars and locomotives from the Union Pacific, and has assembled a matched passenger train consist to help interpret the history of UP’s famed passenger trains. Led by flagship E-8 locomotive 942, the four car passenger train in matching UP colors is a favorite of railfans and public alike. The Museum also preserves a large UP 2-8-2 steam locomotive, No. 2564.

Freight Cars

Image No. Type Builder Built Retired Construction Notes
  183206 Box Car UP 1936   Steel  
  20305 Refrigerator Car P-Std 1947   Steel PFE
  25129 Caboose PC&M 1944   Steel Class CA-4
  25729 Caboose Standard 1910   Wood Class CA
  28504 Gondola PRSS 1925   Steel  
  43535 Refrigerator Car P-Std 1937   Steel PFE
  56004 Flat Car Bettendorf 1928   Steel  
  85727 Hopper PC&M 1926   Steel 2-Bay


Passenger Cars

Image No. Type Builder Built Retired Construction Notes
  1530 Dormitory-Club PC&M 1924   Steel modernized 1954
  204 Rules Examiner Pullman 1922   Steel Rblt 1936
  2065 Postal Car Pullman 1914   Steel  
  4051 Buffet / Lounge Pullman 1928   Steel orig 36-seat dining car
  542 Chair Car PC&M 1926   Steel LA&SL
  692 Coach Pullman 1911   Steel Oregon Short Line
  906201 Dining Car Pullman 1927   Steel rebuilt for MOW service
  National Scene Sleeper, 6/6/4 PStd 1956   Aluminum  



Image No. Type Builder Built Retired Construction Notes
  2564 2-8-2 Mikado ALCo 1921     acquired 1996
  942 E-8A EMD 1953     later C&NW/Metra 510