The Museum has preserved many rare and impressive pieces of rail history. Most of that work was done by our most valuable asset: our volunteers. We have over 200 active volunteers, but they aren’t enough to continue the important work of keeping Southern California’s rail heritage alive. There is more work to be done than there are people to do the work. We can always use more help.

We need to carry forward the knowledge and skills of our volunteers to a new generation of younger train enthusiasts who can work one-on-one with those volunteers and learn from them.

Work at the Museum goes beyond working with metal, wood, machinery, and electronics to preserve and restore our historic rolling stock. We operate trains and trolleys for our visiting public. We install and repair track; we maintain and upgrade buildings; we landscape the grounds, we sell food and souvenirs; we give tours; we plan and execute major events such as Thomas the Tank Engine, handling crowds, loading trains, and punching tickets. The list seems endless; it takes a lot of work to keep the Museum running.

Running our living Museum is a complex business with many diverse needs. There are many opportunities for volunteers to apply their knowledge and experience. Whether it’s a trade, a business skill, or just a desire to help where needed, there’s a place for everyone to contribute.

General Museum Volunteers

Join us and become a part of the Museum’s history. Complete our Volunteer Application & Waiver then call the Museum at 951‑943‑3020 or e-mail info@oerm.org.

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Day Out with Thomas Volunteers

** We are currently looking for Volunteers to help us for Day Out with Thomas, our largest fundraiser of the year **

Please visit our Volunteer Info and Assignment Request Page for more information.